Route From Dunkirk to Tarbes

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Route From Dunkirk to Tarbes Empty Route From Dunkirk to Tarbes

Post  Kieran on Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:42 pm

hopefully by now the excitment levels will be ultimatly high,
this route is the fastest way to get from Dunkirk to Tarbes without using toll roads,
it is important to stay on top of your navigation on this route to avoid tolls,
these directions are very simple, they consist of the key towns along the route and the road that should be used to get there
exit the ferry and head for the port exit,
D300 to St Omer
D928 to Abbeville
A16, A28 to Rouen
N154 to Evreux & Dreux

Using the N10 through Chartes, Chateudun, Vendome, Tours

D910 to Poitiers
N147 to Limoges

find the N21 its very important as this goes all the way to Tarbes
go through periguex, Bergerac, Agen, Auch, Tarbes

now follow this map...
we will put camping signs out on the main road approx 1 mile before the turn off and then more all around the junction,
when we went there last the local council were most of the way through some road works which hopefully should be cleared by the time we get there again.

Hope this is helpful to all,
Many Thanks

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Route From Dunkirk to Tarbes Empty ~Our route

Post  Ditch Diver on Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:03 am

Since we have the luxury of time before the start we are doing some sightseeing along the way. We are planning to go via Reims to St Nectaire (near a big extinct volcano) and then see Carcasonne and the Millau bridge. We have made a couple of attempts to see these before but always failed foe one reason or another. Hopefully this time will be different. See you all at Tarbes !!
Ditch Diver
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