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Defender Door Hinge's Empty Defender Door Hinge's

Post  Kieran on Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:28 am

To get this column going I thought I would share with you one of my current problems,

Half way through the day on Wednesday while doing a Treasure Hunt reccee in Derbyshire i had an issue on my 90 (pinky) the driver’s door hinges have need swapping for a long time (they are not that old but are the infamous B branded) so a while ago i got in a set of door hinges and torque bolts to replace what is there, these are the hinges from the later model defenders, the torque bolt means you can easily get them undone again in the future rather than struggling like we do with the typical screw head bolts.

Anyway on the route plan day it had not rained for weeks and weeks making all the lanes really hard, I have nicknamed the day "the boneshaker"

the bolts holding the catch on for the door snapped and the bottom door hinge gave way leaving no option but to take off the driver’s door, not an issue as it was fairly warm Laughing,

when i came to changing the hinges that night i realised i had forgotten to order in some new captive nuts for the bulk head, so I tried to use the originals, believe it or not they are a different thread!,

one of the main contributing factors to the original problem of the sloppy hinge was that there was never any rubber gaskets fitted between the hinge and bulkhead while i have owned the vehicle, this eventually causes play between the door hinge and bulkhead. They cost pence so don't forget them !!!

i will share some pictures of work done later,
Cheers Kieran

Cheers Kieran

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Defender Door Hinge's Empty Re: Defender Door Hinge's

Post  Marc on Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:44 pm

Or for something more amusing post some pictures of you and your crazy hair driving around Mansfield with no door


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